Your big day is coming up and you think you have everything in order but the truth is something unexpected always shows up last minute. Wedding accessories are less talked about than the main components of a wedding (cake, reception, church, date, invitations, etc.). Small details enhance and enrich the overall image your guests will go home with.

These ten wedding accessories will surely give that special touch your outfit might need. The ten accessories that will be mentioned are: headpieces, veils, bracelets, shoes, handbags, gloves, earrings, necklaces, wraps, and pins.


Headpieces are the topping to your ensemble. There are a variety of styles to choose from and can be as extravagant or simple as you need. Choose between headbands, tiaras, ornate pins or combs, etc. that will fit in nicely with your theme.



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Veils were almost a standard accessory for weddings back in the day. However, today many brides make do without. Look for various styles and cuts to choose which is best for you. The traditional veil covers the bride’s face until reaching the altar.


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For those sleeveless gowns, you can get a beautiful bracelet as an added touch. Remember that all accessories should complement your gown and not overpower it. Fitted bracelets are the recommended styles to stick with.


Shoes. Image Credit.

If you go for the traditional billowing dresses, your shoes might not even be seen except for a few escapades while walking. Either way, whether they will be in view throughout the wedding or not, your number one priority for shoes is comfort. After that it is necessary for it to match your gown if it will be in continuously in view. Remember that as the bride, you will be standing up for prolonged periods.


This is an optional wedding accessory that can lend an elegant look for those high societal weddings where it is necessary to be seen as classy on your way to and from the reception or church. Small clutches are better than your clumsy oversized bags.


This is another piece that is optional and dependent on gown characteristics. Gloves give off a formal vibe that some will find endearing. It should also only be used with sleeveless dresses.


Earrings are a more popular accessory and one less likely to be forgotten. They are almost essential and add such a beautiful look to any hair up-do. You will find no lack of options when looking for a pair.


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The neckline of your dress will decide if this particular accessory is necessary or not. If the gown is simple with a dropped neckline, a dramatic or extravagant necklace will give it a perfect touch. Delicate necklaces are for simple touches to already dramatic gowns.


Wraps will be a great accessory to have if your wedding day falls in a cold month. Finding the right one should also be an easy task.


Hair decorations are gorgeous add-ons that can look wonderful for short, medium, or long hair-dos. Take your gown and hairstyle into consideration and choose afterwards.

No matter which accessories you buy, try not to get frustrated if you miss a couple or if they don’t exactly match. The most important thing on your wedding day is your significant other and you uniting at last.

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