Yet another heaven on Earth lies in the Caribbean Sea – the Cayman Islands. This tropical paradise is nestled in the western Caribbean and consists of three beautiful islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, having much to offer to its visitors. Those looking for excitement and adventure will be delighted by the islands’ divine snorkelling spots, while those in need of relaxation can unwind at some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean. Whether you’re seeking an adventure or just want to soak in the Cayman authentic atmosphere, there are certain activities and sites that you simply cannot miss.

Cayman Islands
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Get to know the Cayman Islands at the National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum might be small, but it’s the perfect place to learn more about the history of the Cayman Islands. The museum’s exhibits focus on both natural and cultural history and it features an engaging audio-visual presentation about the island’s heritage. Located in George Town, the National Museum is nestled in the city’s oldest building. This museum also offers interactive exhibits both for children and adults. A visit to this lovely museum will help you get to know the islands’ culture and lifestyle, as well as provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time with your family.

Swim with stingrays in Stingray City

Stingray city is located in the North Sound of Grand Cayman and represents one of the most popular shallow sandbars in the Caribbean. Apart from being a lovely dive spot, this unique site is known for its friendly inhabitants – stingrays. Tourists from all over the world visit Stingray City in order to feed and swim with these gentle creatures. After reaching the shores by boat, world-travellers are presented with a breathtaking view of stingrays elegantly gliding through crystal clear waters.

Cayman Islands Stingray
Cayman Islands Stingray, Source:

Relax at Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is considered to be the most beautiful one in the Caribbean. It features stretches of white sand, coconut palms, casuarinas and streets lined with chic houses. Stretching from George Town to Long Point, this fine beach is perfect for relaxation, spending time with your family, snorkelling and other water sports. Although it’s one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean, everyone can find their quiet spot and admire the awe-inspiring view of the calm waters.

Stroll along the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Cayman Islands Iguana
Cayman Islands Iguana, Source:
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Located off Frank Sound Road, Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park is a true natural sanctuary, featuring native flora and fauna. While strolling along peaceful paths of this park, you can admire colourful flowers, lily-topped ponds, woodland habitats and palm gardens. As for the animal species, the Park is home to anole lizards, snakes, freshwater turtles, chickatees and the endangered blue iguanas. Here, you can also visit the Heritage Garden where you can find a lovely restored cottage and medicinal plants.

Get to know the sea turtles at the Cayman Turtle Farm

Cayman Turtle Farm is the largest land-based tourist site that attracts more than 500,000 visitors each year. This is a research and breeding farm, a conservation facility and a home to Green Sea Turtles and the endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle species. Animal lovers can learn more about these lovely creatures, swim with them, as well as admire sandbar and nurse sharks, barracuda and tarpon. This is a great site for children who can familiarise themselves with sea turtles and slide down Turtle Twister Water Slide.

Visit the capital city of George Town

George Town is the vibrant capital of the Cayman Islands that features a unique atmosphere. The city’s most popular tourist attractions include the modern glass Government Administration Building, the small yet enticing Cayman Islands National Museum, historical Fort George and Elmsile Memorial Church with a ceiling that resembles a schooner’s wooden hull. The harbour is lined with lively restaurants and colourful gingerbread buildings, welcoming numerous cruise ships.

Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands, Source:

Admire the local art in the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

The small National Gallery of the Cayman Islands features diverse works of local artists with a unique Caribbean flair, as well as some international artwork. While the ground floor boasts rotating exhibits, you can admire the national collection of both Cayman and Caribbean artists on the 2nd floor. The Gallery is open to visitors and art enthusiasts, who can also enjoy the enticing sculpture garden. What is so enchanting about the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is the diversity of styles that include digital art, as well.

Dine at the Star Island Restaurant

The Star Island Restaurant is the favourite choice among both locals and tourists due to its extensive menu and delicious food. There’s no better place to try the traditional Cayman cuisine and cooking that include superb shrimp curry and fish stew. Despite being located on Cayman Brac, this restaurant attracts guests from the sister islands, as well. Excellent service, affordable prices and delicious dishes are definitely worth the trip.

Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands, Source:

Go diving in the Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are known for its breath-taking diving spots, mesmerising shipwrecks and crystal clear blue waters. In particular, Grand Cayman is famous for its enthralling ecosystem, colourful underwater world and more than 200 fascinating diving spots. The remarkable visibility of the Grand Cayman waters is famous around the world, attracting divers from around the globe. There are plenty of opportunities for scuba diving in the Grand Cayman, including reef diving, wall diving, the exploration of the Kittiwake Shipwreck Dive and others. In addition, diving spots can accommodate divers with different levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.

Admire the Mermaid of the Grand Cayman

Located 55 feet deep in water off the coast of Georgetown, the Mermaid of Grand Cayman is a 600-pound bronze statue enchanting her scuba-diving visitors. Her official name is Amphitrite, the Siren of Sunset Reef and she was created by a Canadian artist Simon Morris. In mythology, Amphitrite was the queen of the seas and wife of Poseidon, the lord of the ocean. The view of this majestic sculpture surrounded by marine species will leave anyone inspired and enchanted.

Cayman Islands diving
Image 7 – Cayman Islands diving, Source:

The Cayman Islands have much to offer to their visitors – vibrant culture, unique art, pristine beaches and a unique tropical atmosphere. Visiting these Cayman most popular attractions will leave you with a truly memorable experience and long-lasting memories.

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