There are so many endless options to choose from for planning a surprise party for your husband. And, if you are unable to manage the party at your home, then you can consider doing the same at a restaurant. The process is quite simple and all that you have to do is plan a bit in advance. Even if you don’t have too much time in hand, there’s a whole lot that can be done here. So check out this guidebook to know more-


Since, it is a surprise party for your husband, it is suggested that you pick a restaurant of his choice. It could be either his favorite Italian place or even a casual diner that he loves going to. However, make sure that you properly work out the number of guests visiting. Based on this, you can either book the entire place or ask them to give you a special family room or dining area. Once this is sorted, you should go ahead and make the booking.

In case, restaurant of his choice is not available, you can opt for something that he likes visiting often. Also, do keep in mind that the place should cater to the entire purpose of the party. For example, if you are having a 40th birthday party then you would want an eatery that lives up to the occasion. A McDonald birthday is not something that is expected. If it is to celebrate his promotion or even a similar event or your anniversary then you can choose and book a more formal place.


Next comes the menu and the eating aspect. Anyone who’s throwing a restaurant party should make sure that the menu is off the bound for other guests. Letting people order the menu is going to totally mess up your budget. Rather you should work out if you want a standing dinner with a buffet or a sit down dinner.

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In case of a buffet dinner, there are plenty of items that you can add to the list. Make sure that there are some starters with drinks and soup followed by a main course that has at least 1-2 vegetarian options. You can bring a cake for dessert or have something for the restaurant itself.

For a sit-down dinner party, you can have a pre-set menu provided to the guests. They can be served only from the same to make sure that things are working within your budget.


Decoration and music are again a personal choice, but here are some tips to guide you-

• Choose music as per the theme. Like birthday dinners can have more lively music while an anniversary party could be formal with romantic music.
• Decor can be subtle or bolder as per the occasion. Your restaurant would usually arrange this for you or it can be done by yourself too.
• Along with this, you should also consider the placement of the tables. For example, if there is a speech from your husband or there is a central theme, you can have a staging area. This can also be used for cake cutting.

Last but not the least, make sure that everything is secretive. Since it is a surprise party make sure that all the guests are aware of this. They should not spill the beans to him. Invitations should go out hidden and make sure that everyone has your number including the restaurant and your husband gets a real surprise when you take him there.

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