Just as much we like to pamper ourselves, enjoy a bubble bath, pay a visit to the hairdresser and nourish ourselves from top to bottom, we must not forget that our four legged companions deserve some special treatment as well. If we want to make sure that our furry friends are healthy, clean and joyful we must learn how to properly nurture their skin and their coats. These few tips will help you understand how to adequately rid your dog form dirt, excess hairs, dead skin cells and other possible pests that decide to settle down in their furry habitat:


image 10Most dogs are active beings that simply adore running around and rolling in whatever dirt or puddle they find. When you notice that your dog had a little too much fun while playing and that their doggy odour is simply getting out of hand, that is a clear sign that it is bath time. Otherwise, dogs do not require daily baths like humans, but it is recommended to bathe your four legged friend at least every two weeks. When bathing, it is really important to use special shampoos designed especially for canines, as human shampoos contain specific ingredients that just might be harmful for dogs. If you wish your dog to have that special glow afterwards, you can always apply a canine conditioner that will make their fur soft and shiny.


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image 1 (2)Depending of the breed and the fur length, your dog needs to be regularly groomed in order to maintain a healthy and soft coat. A daily brush will help rid your dog from excess hairs and dead skin cells, but it will also help him keep his coat untangled. There are special brushes designed especially for brushing and grooming canines that enable healthy shedding and stimulate future hair growth. Of course, you can always treat your friend every once in a while and pay a visit to a professional grooming service.


image 4Dogs are quite similar to humans and like that, the outside look of your canine friend largely depends on the type of diet he enjoys every day. If you wish for your dog to have shiny and nurtured fur and healthy skin, then you need to make sure that your canine is getting all the essential nutrients in his diet. The most important nutrients that promote skin and coat health are lean proteins and essential fatty acids. The best way to make your dog a knight in shining armour is to give him a balanced dose of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Beef, pork and chicken meat are known to contain high amount of linoleic acid which is an essential omega-6 fatty acid. Of course, in order to achieve maximum results and keep your dog healthy, the best solution is to create a balanced diet consisting of all the necessary components: carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. Also, fresh water is another important factor that enables your dog to stay hydrated at all times.


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Sometimes, even with a proper diet, your dog is not in a position to get all the essential nutrients to maintain flawless skin and soft fur. Also, certain supplements like bravecto chewable tablets for example, are designed to help your dog fend itself from flea and tick infestations. This is why it is a good idea to implement these supplements into his diet, as they will make sure that your dog is getting the best possible care.

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. If you believe this to be true, then you should always strive to give your canine companion the care it deserves. By regularly nurturing your furry friends, you are making sure that he will stay happy, safe and most importantly – healthy.