Foodies are taking over everywhere and matters of food and eating have become more important than ever before. The internet has changed how we all communicate and how quickly information spreads, and it has definitely influenced the food scene in a way that more and more people know exactly what they want and how they want it. That influence is nowhere as present as it is in New York. The past few decades have seen a big change in NYC’s food scene and today it rightfully has the title of one of the best food scenes in the world. You can find ten reasons why that is so special below.


Yes, hipsters! People are quick to jump on the hipster-bashing train, but there are many many things we can thank hipsters for and the food revolution is one of them. They are the ones who started demanding vegan, non-GMO, locally grown produce in their meals. They are the ones who are starting their own artisanal businesses that provide that produce. Okay, maybe it’s self-serving but still, the quality of food has definitely improved because of those demands and improved and diversified choices of basic ingredients on the market.


10 Reasons Why NYC's Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World
10 Reasons Why NYC’s Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World

New York has a vastly diverse population and that has had a great influence on its food scene. People of different ethnicities and nationalities have all found a place in New York where they can cook and create. Traditional cuisines from all over the world are getting a new take in New York. On one hand, there are influences from different parts of the world and on the other, there is room for creativity. New Yorkers love food and they love to experiment, they are the perfect customers for any food-loving chef that is prone to experiment.

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Celebrity chefs

There is a lot of chefs that are working in New York that have gained a celebrity status. They’re making a name for themselves due to their skills and in turn, that name is providing additional room for growth and experimentation. People are no longer going to restaurants to order the same old thing, they have started visiting restaurants because of the chefs. They go to taste something prepared by a chef they know is skilled and capable. They are more prepared to experiment and in that way, they are investing in and helping chefs and the whole food scene.


10 Reasons Why NYC's Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World
10 Reasons Why NYC’s Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World

Delicatessens or Delis are stores that sell an assortment of unusual and foreign food. The name comes from a French word “delicatessen” that means delicious things. They originated in Germany, they can be found all over America, but they are a New York thing. In New York, delis are not just stores, they are often restaurants too. They offer fresh food and they are very popular with locals. You can buy groceries there if you want to make your own meal special and healthy or order a sandwich to your taste if you are in a hurry.


Usually talking about a food scene doesn’t even involve mentioning catering. Not when it comes to New York! In a city that cares about its food as much as New York does, catering has to be a step ahead the rest. The high-quality New York catering comes as an answer to its people’s demands. Just because you are eating in the comfort of your home or a space you rented doesn’t mean the food is not supposed to be up to restaurant standards. In some cases, New York catering is even better than eating out.

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Street carts

10 Reasons Why NYC's Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World
10 Reasons Why NYC’s Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World

Another New York thing is eating at street carts. People from all walks of life love eating street-cart food. They can be found at every corner and they are very convenient if you are in a rush, but they are in no way junk food. You can find street carts with bagels, sandwiches, nuts, anything you can think off you can find at a street cart. There is one thing you should be prepared for before a quick run to the street cart of your choice, the line. Everyone loves them, the food is great, and they are always close by. Unfortunately, that also means there is always a line.

Food markets

Trying new food trends and enjoying a morning walk is what you can expect from New York’s food markets. You can find in different parts of the city and as long as the weather is kind to outdoor activities. Food trends are changing quickly and chefs do love to experiment, so the best way to try all the new fads and some traditional staples is to check out a food market. Where every tasty delight comes to make new acquaintances.

Soul food

10 Reasons Why NYC's Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World
10 Reasons Why NYC’s Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World

Soul food is a special cuisine of African-American cooks from the South. It has moved to the North and set up shop in New York. Some of the amazing soul food dishes are fried chicken, smothered pork chops, hot sage sausage, grits and eggs, collard greens, fried white sandwiches. They are special not just because of the special recipes, but also because they are prepared with love that you can taste with every bite.

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If there is one thing that you can be sure about New York it’s that you won’t have a bad bagel while there. Bagel is a New York staple. No one knows why but they are the best in New York and people love them. They are a breakfast must and they can be prepared in an unlimited number of ways. You can buy a regular one and have it with a cup of joe or go for something a bit more interesting.


10 Reasons Why NYC's Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World
10 Reasons Why NYC’s Food Scene Is One of the Best in the World

Lastly, have some dessert! Not in the same place where you had your meal, go somewhere special. In New York, every course gets special attention and that is what makes its food scene so great. They too show the diversity and creativity of NYC’s best chefs who devote their skills to their dessert.

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