Learning and Bonding: Family Arts and CraftsSpending quality time with your children can be rather challenging

considering how busy and stressed out we all are. For children it’s all fun

and games all day long, tasks and obligations are boring and not really

appealing, and it is the parents’ task to teach them about responsibilities.

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By turning everything into a game you are giving your child a chance to

have fun and learn something, all the while spending quality time with you.

A great chance for parents to express creativity is to engage in arts

and crafts projects with their children.

Be Outside

With Christmas approaching rapidly, you can show off your family’s talents

by asking children to help you decorate the backyard. You can even turn the

decorating activity into an educational one simply by asking kids to count

the number of red items, bows, etc. You can also practice adding

and subtracting with fallen branches – it will make math seem artistic and

fun like never before.

Create a family tree

Is there a better way for a family to bond than to explore their roots and

share wonderful and heart-warming stories from the past? Take out old

family photos of your children, yourselves, your parents, and cousins and

start drawing a family tree on a large piece of paper. Explain to them family

relations, share an interesting story or two about your ancestors, tell your

kids what their grandparents and distant cousins are (and were) like,

and accompany long lists of names with pretty photos. This will certainly

help your kids remember everything you told them and perhaps they will

even start exploring their past. You can even make a small masterpiece of

your family tree –decorate it with stickers, little drawings, and glitter, and

exhibit it on the wall of your living room.

Make something useful

2Things you make with your child can serve different purposes, but it is

important to have a lot of fun and perhaps even end up with something

useful at the end of your project. A great example is making yarn

chandeliers using only balloons, yarn, and some glue. Blow a balloon, cover

yarn in glue,and wrap it around. When it dries, pop the balloon and you will

be left with a pretty chandelier which will completely transform your

room. Your children can even combine yarn in different colors and make

chandeliers for their own rooms.

Candies with a message

More and more kids seem to lose interest in things that happen around

them, and science has become something scary and boring. You can

change all that simply by choosing to show them a few tricks in your

kitchen. Making rock candies will certainly spark interest in their young

minds, and the best thing is that you don’t have to know all the answers;

telling them that you are not sure and encouraging them to look up the

answers in books will also teach them to look for information in other



By making something with your own hands you experience the sheer joy of

creating something new,and if you manage to spark those same emotions in

your children, you will surely help them grow up into happy adults. On top of

that, you will have a chance to get to know each other better and forever

save the bond you make while engaged in a nice family project.