When you take a look at your furry feline friend lying on some fluffy cover like some kind of royalty, you can hardly imagine there is an entire fight waging inside it. It is a fight against germs that attack your cat’s health, and sometimes even life.

Cat’s immune system can withstand a lot of challenges, but sometimes it is simply not strong enough. That’s where you come in, to help the cause and join your pet in this 24/7 battle. Let us see some of the things you can do in order to strengthen your cat’s immunity and aid it in defeating illnesses.

Feed Your Cat Well

How to Boost Your Cat's ImmunityIt is just as with human – balanced nutrition will lead to an efficient immune system, and it is especially important if your cat is in a late life stage, where the immunity is lowered as a part of the natural process of aging. Your cat’s diet should be high in proteins, especially those packed with amino acids, such as carnitine, taurine and arginine.

Amino acids are crucial for building and maintaining the immune system. The ideal diet would be raw or home-cooked, but high-quality cat food can sometimes live up to these standards. Just avoid highly processed dry food, because it can cause inflammation in the body, which leads to many illnesses. Constant access to fresh water is very important.

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To improve your cat’s digestive tract, introduce probiotics to its diet. Don’t forget, though, no matter how cut and fluffy your pet looks like when it’s round and big, obesity is a big challenge for the immune system, so keep it at healthy weight.

Minimize Stress

How to Boost Your Cat's ImmunityStress is not a typically human thing, cats can have it too, and it can have a serious impact on their well-being. You can keep it on minimum by not crowding your cat with a bunch of other pets (it’s true, cats like all the attention to be for them alone), and providing it a clean, sanitized and well-ventilated space. A lot of noise can also be harmful. Cats can sometimes mirror their owner’s emotional state, so try to limit your own anxiety and worries as much as possible.

Avoid Chemicals

How to Boost Your Cat's ImmunityDay-to-day exposure to indoors and outdoors toxins (polluted air, VOC from the paint, chemical cleaning products, and pesticides) can cause allergic reactions – from runny eyes to vomiting. Lower your cat’s toxic load by making your house as organic as possible (e.g. use paints that don’t contain VOC and avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals).

You should avoid overuse of steroids and antibiotics, and stick only to the amount the veterinarian approved. Many of the flea treatments also contain harmful chemicals, so make sure you read the label very well before you buy.

Make the Environment Cat-Friendly

How to Boost Your Cat's ImmunityPeople seem to think that cats just love to lie down, purr and do nothing. That’s not true. Cats need a stimulating environment which will motivate them to get up, be happy, control weight and process food better. The adaptation of the environment to the cat should start from the place it sleeps.

You should search for high-quality cat beds, easy to air-out and wash, without losing their shape. A cat that sleeps well will have the energy to play. So, give your feline friend a place to release stress and boost happiness by “catifying” your home. Make cat trees, window perches and scratching posts, and give it a chance to play outdoors, and try to do the thing cats have always been good at – hunting. You should find time for cat-human bonding and interactive playing.

Keeping your cat healthy is not a complicated task. All you need to do is to provide it with weapons it needs to win this fight against germs and illnesses, and you will have not only a healthy cat, but also a happy one.