Are you like me?

Do you want to work out but not have to pay the monthly membership at your local health club? I often find myself in the same dilemma.

I want to be able to pursue my own fitness aspirations while learning to understand different aspects of anatomy, nutrition and exercise. I enjoy the contingency between learning and achieving. This is one of the many reasons I enjoy the culture of exercise.

Do you enjoy going the gym?

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To me it is just a hall of mirrors where you more often that not, catch the awkward eye contact of someone straining under the weight of the lat pull down machine.

I have had many moments of embarrassment. Especially, when waiting in the cue to re-fill my water.  I almost, always, let the water overflow and accidentally spill onto the fibered carpet. There is always a person behind me looks on in disappointment.

I often look around the gym in disappointment myself. Especially, when someone exits the treadmill without wiping down the residue of sweat that drips down the starting button.This can only be described as the nauseous equivalent to condensation.

For a host of reasons, I prefer to workout at home.

At Home Workout Routine - How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym
At Home Workout Routine – How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym. Image Source

I just feel more comfortable and focused when exercising at home. The only distraction I have is my cat that does occasionally attempt to straddle my back as I strain to complete my last set of push-ups.

The shower is never far away and I don’t have to mumble motivational prose to myself. I can shout them! I always shout motivational speech to myself, much to my family’s bemusement.

If you do like to workout at the gym and find it to be a place of solitude for your self, please do not continue to read this article. My cruel wit is only going to be a burden for you. The workout plan will also be of the no use to you.

If you do not like to workout at the gym and prefer to workout at home instead, you will find solitude in my words. I have included some tips for you to develop your own independent exercise routine.

I think of myself as quite an athletic person. I am satisfied with my health but I know I can be more satisfied. Health is the magic dragon that can allude us all. At times it canallude you on a temporary basis. Eventually it does forever.

It is important for you to exercise so I do as often as I can. I feel a bit awkward when my size is comparable to the size of the guy’s biceps in the weight room of my local gym. I also feel like an imbecile when I lean over the weight rack and grab my favored 20kg weights.

Some people’s anatomies are more inclined to developing muscle while other develop endurance more efficiently. So its best to cater to yourself and not to the patterns of others.

I have decided to workout at home and for anyone else out there who has converted their home into a makeshift gym; here are some additional tips to the maximise your home workouts.

The Five elements of homemade fitness

I structure my workout around these five elements. This formula provides a nice amount of variation, less risk of injury and a gentle pace. Here they are:

  • A warm up
  • A cardiovascular workout
  • Strength building exercise
  • Flexibility exercise
  • Cooldown

It is recommended in any physical exercise that you begin by warming up. This warm up can be light and elementary. I go for a walk around the block or do some star jumps and crunches. This gets the blood flowing.

At Home Workout Routine - How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym
At Home Workout Routine – How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym. Image Source

Then I move on to a cardiovascular workout. It would help if you have some apparatus at home. The aim of a cardiovascular workout is to get your heart racing so you need to add some pace to your workout. You can go outside for a run around a set circuit, ride a few miles on your stationary pedal bike or skip to a certain number. Get inventive and understand what engages you the most.

The next increment of this exercise involves you partaking in some resistance training.  You need to do exercise which strains your body so you can hold a form. This is where you resist and contract your muscles. The contraction makes your muscles tougher and more defined. You can use some free weights to work you muscle, you could do push up’s and sit up’s, abdominal crunches and planks.

From here, you should be in full swing and enjoying your workout.

Your heart should be beating. Your muscles should be contracting and you should be breathing a little more impatiently than before. Do not worry too much. This is normal.

Now you can begin to wind down with some flexibility exercises. Increase your flexibility by doing stretches or yoga poses. Hold them for longer and if it burns then it is working.

At Home Workout Routine - How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym
At Home Workout Routine – How to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym. Image Source

To finish off you should replicate your warm up. A cardiovascular workout maintained at a low level brings your heart rate down to a resting state.  By completing this workout on a frequent basis you will be working all of the major muscle groups and organs.

The workout provides balance and consistency.You will also save some extra funds for a cheat day takeaway or family day out. Best of luck!