From invitations to birthday cakes and a complete dress code, there are many opportunities to be inspirational and imaginative in creating children’s birthday party with the theme of Star Wars. Although this theme might seem to be more popular among boys, it can be equally appealing to girls. In order to create a party with this theme, it is particularly important to put an emphasis on the details.



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R2D2 Cups and Lightsaber Napkins

To start your galactic saga party you must not forget about the famous robot, R2D2. It is extremely easy and most importantly, cost effective, to create these robot cups. Simply take ordinary disposable plastic cups, find R2D2 template online, print it, cut it and glue it to the cups.


Another great idea is to fold napkins and cutlery in the form of a lightsaber, which really is the simplest way of folding napkins and arranging cutlery. Download and print the template for the hilt of the sword, wrap silverware in blue, green and red napkins, and finally add the handles of the swords at the end of the napkins.



Imperial Army Sweet Boxes and Death Star CakeCreate your own imperial army shaped boxes out of milk cartons and fill them with candy. This idea is a great detail and a gift to give to each of the guests when they leave the party. For this craft you would need white paper, scissors, glue and sweets. And of course, the template is downloadable online.


Is there anything more suitable for a Star Wars themed party than a Death Star cake? Just imagine the children’s amazement when they see it and get to eat it. If you do not want to order one, you can always make it yourself, because, despite its complicated look, it is not that difficult to make.



Lightsaber Invitations 

Do not miss the chance to strike the interests in your child’s friends by creating some saber-like retractable invitations. You can use the same template as for the napkins; just fold the paper or cardboard, and place red, green or blue cards with details for the party inside. You can even use this idea as a thank you card after the party.



Imperial Soldier Balloons

 If you are struggling with perfect décor for the Star Wars themed party, you can solve all your problems with a lot of white balloons and a permanent black marker. Simply draw the faces of Imperial soldiers on the balloons and hang them around your home or any other place where the party is going to be held.



Appropriate Costumes

 In creating the costumes, you can be imaginative and sew some details on your own or find something useful in a number of sites that sell children’s clothing, such as Whatever you decide on doing, the important thing is to provide enough material for the kids to have fun and be able to role-play to their heart’s content.



Fun Activities

When it comes to playing, do not forget some fun activities such as lightsaber training. Making or getting some colored foam sticks is easily manageable, and by putting a paper or cardboard sword handle you will provide your little ones with some safe playtime between the Sith and the Jedi.


Remember, you do not need to spend huge amounts of money in order to throw an unforgettable theme party for your little one. All you need is some creativity and patience, and the work will definitely pay off when you see the smiles on children’s faces, and even more, when you look back at this special even in the future.