There are very few people who can resist the magic of patio. It’s like having a room, but outside. Still, its location outside the house doesn’t excuse patio from the regular design considerations you would have to make if you were choosing furniture for any other part of your house. Only, if the interior was exposed to rain, harsh sun and all other things we can find outside. Don’t worry though, this issue can be easily remedied if you just follow these few simple design tips.

Think About the Space

How to Find the Best Patio FurnitureSure, choosing the patio furniture according to the space you have on disposal sounds as obvious as it gets, but even such a mundane task can throw a few unpleasant curveballs at you. So, before you make the final decision, be sure about the purpose of the patio and that there won’t be any future upgrades. You don’t want your new furniture gathering dust in the shed, don’t you?

Buy Only the Top Quality

How to Find the Best Patio FurnitureIndoor furniture takes all sorts of abuse. Outdoor furniture takes ten times more. That is why you should buy only the top-quality pieces that will be able to endure all that beating. Another thing you should take into consideration are elements. For example, cheap plastic doesn’t play to well with years of exposure to sun and rain. Same can be said about some wooden and wicker pieces.

Choose the Material that Suits You the Best

How to Find the Best Patio FurnitureEvery material has its own share of pros and cons. Let’s take quick look at them:

  • PVC, plastic, aluminum – These materials are rustproof, relatively inexpensive, and they can be easily moved around or stacked. However, they lack heft and durability of materials like iron.
  • Iron and steel – Heavy duty materials that will take all the beating in the world, but they need occasional waterproofing and painting so they don’t rust.
  • Wicker and natural grass – Very cheap and surprisingly durable materials that look great as well. However, much like iron and steel, grass and wicker also need occasional waterproofing.
  • Wood – Arguably the best-looking material on this list, and it comes in water-resistant varieties. Due to its heft, wood is the most suitable for permanent installations.

Make Sure the Patio Furniture is Comfortable

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How to Find the Best Patio FurnitureSo, you bought a massive wooden chair, and by the looks of it, it has to be comfortable, right? Well, no. Not even remotely. Outdoor pieces usually lack the care put into padding their indoor counterparts get, and using them for a prolonged period of time can induce a lot of pain. Don’t be afraid to take some time trying them out. Otherwise you may not spot the error of your ways until it’s far too late.

Look for the Multipurpose Pieces

How to Find the Best Patio FurniturePatios can be used for an entire slew of different occasions – birthdays, parties, barbecues, etc. You should always look for patio furniture that will reflect that versatility. An ottoman that doubles as an extra sitting, adjustable patio table and a bench with an added storage space are all shots in the right direction.


Think About the Colors

How to Find the Best Patio FurnitureThe choice of colors you are eventually going to opt for largely depends on your personal taste, but also on the longevity of the patio setup. If you are making some more permanent installation, you should look at patio as an extension of your house and follow the same guidelines. If, on the other hand, your taste changes with the seasons, it would be much wiser to opt for some more neutral colors.

These few tips will help you to choose the best patio furniture pieces. Of courses, tastes differ and you may opt for one material over another or one color instead of other, but if you follow these guidelines they will all fit your patio perfectly.

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