If you want to avoid the hype surrounding tourists upon their arrival to Sydney, and instead, you are up for some authentic fun experience, you better believe that the list is endless. Thanks to Sydney’s multicultural population, you won’t have any problems fitting in. So, in case you’re planning to visit Sydney soon, make sure to check the following points if you want to have a memorable, local-like experience in this beautiful city.

Ditch a hotel for a local accommodation

Hotels are made for tourists. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want a first-hand local experience of Sydney, your best bet is to actually rent a room from a local. That way you’ll be able to observe the city the way they do. Not only that, but you will also have someone knowledgeable enough to answer all your questions and give you some honest recommendations that cannot be found in a guide book.

Forget about expensive restaurants

How to Experience Sydney's Culture Like a Local
How to Experience Sydney’s Culture Like a Local

There’s nothing wrong with fine dining once in a while, but locals in Sydney don’t usually visit high-end restaurants like tourists do. So, if you truly want to experience the daily eating habits of Sydney folk, make sure to go with the flow. While you should definitely visit a waterfront Sydney cafe for some amazing view and service, you should also check out local bars and even their well-known fast food stalls. Don’t be shy and feel free to ask around for recommendations.

Enjoy beaches to the fullest

Obviously, you have to pay a visit to Bondi Beach, as well as some other mainstream beaches in Sydney, but again make sure to follow the locals to discover their secret sandy gems. There are thousands of beaches along the Sydney coastline and you should definitely have in mind that the locals know some of the most beautiful, tranquil and picturesque spots for leisurely afternoon, fun and relaxation. Visiting these local-favorite beaches leaves you with a lot of room for making some new Sydney-based friends as well.

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Get familiar with the culture

How to Experience Sydney's Culture Like a Local
How to Experience Sydney’s Culture Like a Local

Sydney may be known as a city of beaches and wild nightlife, however, that doesn’t mean that cultural aspect of the city should be neglected. Actually, if you truly want to get into the city’s groove, don’t forget to visit some of the famous Sydney’s museums and art galleries. That way you’ll get to know both the people and the culture a lot better. Even more so because some museums and galleries are free of charge. It would be best to subscribe to a website that features these types of local events so that you can prep properly before your trip.

Commute like a local

Tourists in Sydney may find taxis to be a pretty convenient solution when it comes to transport, but that way you’ll definitely miss out on some of the most essential parts of local-like Sydney experience. Instead of spending money on a taxi, take a bus or train. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you’ll also get the chance to see the scenery you wouldn’t normally see, while experiencing busy local daily life first-hand. With the Opal Card you will be all set, and you can always ask the staff or other commuters to help you with the directions.

Thanks to plenty of info that can be found online, you can start your Sydney exploration being fully prepped and in the know about all the local hotspots, that often remain undiscovered by typical tourists. Don’t rely on tour books too much since nothing can beat locals’ advice. Just be friendly and opened to the new things, and you’ll get the chance to experience Sydney in a completely new light.

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