Ensuring a Problem-free Move for You and your CatCats normally grow very attached to their surrounding area and for this

reason they hate change. Anyone who has had to experience a move with a

cat can tell you that cats don’t usually take it that well. A different

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environment is scary and weird to them and they might feel quite stressed

when faced with the reality to change their home, especially if you have

been living with them for some time in a certain place.



As a pet owner, you must do everything in your power to ensure that your

cat doesn’t experience that much stress and that the removal goes

smoothly. All of the activity that surrounds relocation is certainly going

to stress your furry friend, and it is up to you to ensure they go through

this period without any problem. Here are some tips that you can consider:



Introduce your cat to the carrier in case you have never moved your cat in

a carrier before,it is very important to introduce them to this item. At first,

it will seem strange and foreign to them, and therefore they will likely stay

away from it. The way to get them used to it is by placing their food bowl

near the item for some time. Later on place it inside. The purpose is that

this will show the cat it doesn’t have to be afraid of the carrier, but

instead welcome it as a safe territory.



Bring moving boxes some time before the actual removal – soon enough your

home will be full of boxes, which will ultimately make your cat feel stressed

as all of the usual items they have been used to start to disappear. To get

your cat used to the moving boxes, you can get some of them before the

moving date. Having enough time to play with them and getting used to

them will allow your cat to welcome all of these strange objects with ease.



Keep your routine intact – you are likely busy with a ton of other stuff, like

looking for the best removal company and preparing your new home. Still,

you must make time for your pet cat and keep their routine intact.

Maintain the same feeding and play times as this will retain the stability in

your cat’s life, keeping it calm and less stressed.



Close your cat in a room on removal day – there is likely going to be a lot of

commotion once the movers start walking in and out with your boxes.

If you don’t want to see your cat freak out and dash out the open door,

you will do good to keep it closed in a room the movers don’t have access to.

Keep the litter box, food and water bowl in the room.


Don’t allow your cat to wander too much in the new place – you will do well

to keep your cat in a single room of you new home. The new environment

will get to it and stress. Instead, you should gradually introduce your pet

to the new home, allowing them enough time to explore.



Relocation with a pet cat can be a real challenge, but following these tips

can certainly make things easier for you both. Make sure you implement

each of them and you will avoid many potential problems for your animal.