Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal and have a Mediterranean climate with one of the warmest winter in Europe. You should follow a travel guide to help organize what you will do there and to know what next. While creating your travel guide to help for a better experience include trendy hotel/resorts, food, drinks, culture, and design. This article will help you pinpoint trendy things and give you information for a visit.

Basic Information

When going to a new location you should have some background knowledge to make sure nothing go wrong. The best time to go is through months May to August, when the weather is not cold and be able to enjoy the beaches. The transportation is important to know to help with seeing different parts of Lisbon. The European capital is compressed and is meant for walking. Most of Lisbon transport are Carris and is the City’s transportation system. Lisbon side walks and walk system can be slippery so make sure to shoes that have an exceptional grip to prevent accidents. Also, make sure always to have cash because most shops and bar only take cash. The native language is Portuguese and its currency is euros.


The new trendy hotel, Posada de Lisboa can be a definite choice for hotels. The small luxury hotel has free wifi and a spa. This is must pick because of it a prime location in the city center, close to the airport, and was awarded”Best Small and Exclusive New Hotel”. The Dining takes place at RIB Beef and Wine where it trendy and is the ideal place for dinner. The services the hotel provides is an indoor swimming pool, room service, and dogs are allowed.

Food and Drinks 

Small plate dish called “Little Darling” is trending in Lisbon. Most restaurants are adding this to their menu due to the trending dish. A worthwhile drink is called “Ginjinha” it has a thick texture that has sweet liqueur made from sour cherries.

Culture and Design

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One amazing place to visit is the new trending coach museum, it also called “Museu Nacional Dos Coches”. The museum has an amazing collection of carriages. The attractions come from all around the world and are one of Lisbon most visited sights. On it 110th anniversary it moved across to a new building.

Add a Food Tour to Your Travel Guide

Having a food tour in Lisbon can help with a great experience. The tour starts with a local guide that takes you to enjoy Porto Wine. Then show you to where to eat the best “Bifana”. The visit then will continue at Mouraria district where you will see an amazing view. Next, try “Ginjinja” which is a Portuguese local liqueur. The tour then will take you to shops where your guide will buy you Portugues cured meat. After that, you will be shown best-hidden gems. The tour will almost end when you taste the famous “Pastel De Nata”. Finally the delicious Secret Dish, which is always exciting.
Manolo – the travel guru