Congrats to all new mommies! Now that you little angel is finally out and growing in full sight of everyone, it is time to tackle your changed body and get back into shape. Dietary adjustments will help you lose the extra pregnancy pounds, but what about that loose belly skin? During pregnancy, the skin on your belly and abdomen stretches to accommodate the precious burden as it grows.

Unfortunately, the pouch will show for months on end after you give birth, and you will have to find a way to either conceal it or get rid of it before you hit the beach next time. Here are top six ways that can help you deal with your belly flab and restore your curves to their sexy pre-pregnancy form.

Increase your water intake

Increase your water intakeH2O hydrates the cells in the skin and tissues, preventing water retention in the abdomen and stomach area and making your skin more flexible. This is why proper daily water intake is very important for moms who want to get rid of belly flab and stretch marks. Increased water intake will also naturally boost your metabolism, promote exchange of matter in the body, cleanse your system of toxins, burn more calories and help you lose baby weight faster

Exercise Is A Must

Exercise is a mustAfter delivery, your body will need some time to recover, but that does not mean you should ditch exercises altogether. Consult your physician about the best time to get back to the gym or take up recreational sports. Postpartum yoga and pilates are excellent activities for new moms, as they target all important muscle groups and promote skin elasticity. If you prefer intense workouts to pilates and yoga, try crunches, planks and other exercises that focus on the abdomen and stomach muscles, or consider cardio, aerobics and strength training to accelerate your weight and pregnancy pouch loss.

Add more protein to your plate

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Add more protein to your plateProteins are food for muscles, skin, nails and hair, and increased protein intake is known to promote weight loss and skin tightening. Based on your weight and daily activity intensity, calculate your protein requirements (on average, you will need at least 50 grams of protein a day) and make sure you meet the figures either through regular food or with the help of protein shakes.

Massage can do wonders

Get a collagen-enriched cream or body lotion and use it to gently massage your belly. Massage accelerates blood flow and helps restore firmness and elasticity in loose skin. Massage your tummy and abdomen areas two times a day using a nourishing lotion with collagen and vitamins A, K, C and E.

Pick the right outfit

Pick the right outfitMost new moms opt for long, loose-fitting tank tops to conceal their baby flab. Nevertheless, you can preserve both your fashion style and great looks in the post-partum period by opting for high-waist tights of yoga pants. Gym-designed clothing pieces such as those offered by Ryder Wear will keep your belly tucked and tight, and your curves pleasantly accentuated. Who says motherhood was all stress and no sexiness?

Exfoliate Regularly 

Exfoliating is an excellent way to eliminate dead cells and tighten your belly skin. Use a gentle exfoliant or scrub every time you take a shower: the exfoliating particles will accelerate your blood flow and make your tummy skin look radiant, healthy, and more flexible.

Ready to burn those baby pounds and tighten up your ab flab? Every new mom needs to pay attention to her health and her body. With some dietary adjustments, a little self-discipline and these simple tricks, your figure will get back on the slim and firm track soon.