9 Ways To Make DIY Crafty Candle Holder for Lighting MoodA thoughtful decoration of candles just not uplifts the mood but also shine the party place. If you are longing the best decoration for a wedding anniversary, birthday ceremony, housewarming candle holder has its own beauty to show the style statement. Previously candle was just being a mean to light the house, but now it becomes the best modern décor substitute.

There are unlimited candle holders available to shine the party. Some scented and colorful candles are also available to set the romantic ambiance. But artistic candles holders are costly enough can effect on your budget. But money saving solution is here.

Here we are going to show you making DIY crafty candle holders to delight the party on your own. This is one of the finest ideas to kindle the party place and tickle the guests.

Sensational, presentable and very cute birthday gift ideas are here to send your heartfelt wishes of Happy Birthday.

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Concrete Candle Holders

Cement or concrete candle holders are in fashion now. It is a simple action you just need to décor the outer surface with matching lace and inside delight the candle. Making concrete holder at home is not as much difficult as you think.


For this, you will require a mould to make the shapes like paper cups, coins, plates, steel bowl. While petroleum jelly, stickers, and use and throw containers. For this, you need to prepare the mould and now mix cement powder in water and let it set in the mould you want to set in. arrange the candles in this mould. It is a very easy formula for making any kind of candle holder using concrete.


Elegant Wood Candle Holders

Though delighting candle on wood is risky, candles on the wood impact a lot to make a masterpiece candle holder. Here are the candlewood holder ideas to make at home. Take the rectangle wood board; now make five holes inside this. Time is come to insert the long candles in that holder.



You can take a simple cut the circle thin sheet of a wood slice to dig the big candle on it. On the other side, you can also use wood salvaged to top the candles on the square holes. You can use tree log for some creative and different candle holder.

Get the tree log cut in the semi-circle size, now facing the flat surface and deck on the dinner table. The top surface is covered with the rustic look of wood log and candles inside uplift the spirits.


Wrapped Design Votives


Decorate the candle holders with designer votives. From sweater to twigs all you need to do is just décor the Mason jar or glass candles. You can use glue, sticky tape to glue the twigs. Cover the Mason jars, glass vase with sweater the best substitute of arranging candle light dinner.

While colorful patterns of ribbons, stickers, khaki rope, birch bark to tie or stick around the glass candles and enjoy making a masterpiece candle holder at home.


Flowers Candle Holders


Flowers with a candle, this is my favorite decoration to arrange the party. What you need to do is just cover the Mason jar with lavender blooms, and tie it with rope to make it stand.

On the other side, you can paint flowery designs on the glass candle holders. You can also buy the flower stickers from the part to stick and get the immediate decoration as well.


Fruit Candle Holders


There is nothing than pumpkin fruit can hold the candles in the right manner. White watermelon funny face candle holder is also a great idea to cheer the faces of a guest. Use orange for distinguishing decoration. Peel the orange and make the semi-circle pot to fill the candle inside.

Delight the cotton lamp with olive oil. Or you can also use aromatic lavender or fruit smelling oil to spread aroma in the party.


Shell Candle Votives


Sea shells can also become the best mean of decoration. Here you can use different types of sea shells and arrange the candles in it.

For proper balance stick the square stone in the bottom of the downside. for coloring the party you can also use colored sea shell for this.


Printed Candle holders

Printed-candle-holdersDesign the candles in your own way using a paint brush and glue at the same time. Mix the glue and watercolor, now start covering the glass with flowery designs or any design you want to draw on the outer surface. There are multiple drawing stickers available to stick it directly on the Mason jar candle holder or glass vase candle holder.


Confetti Candle Holders

Confetti-candle-holdersIt’s easy to make. First, get the glue and paint brush. First, start spreading glue on the mason jars. And quickly sprinkle the confetti on the holders. Smoothly shack the holder, so the extra confetti will come off. Now wait for some time to get it dried for some time. You can follow the same manner on older tin, unused containers or even on the pumpkin fruit. The glittery candle holder is highly appreciated in big favors like wedding ceremony, birthday, corporate parties, housewarming and many grand occasions.


Coffee Bean Candle Holders


We have complete knowledge of making coffee bean holder with very low cost. Just you need wax mold wick, candle making materials and coffee beans. In candle making mould first, enter the wax mold wick and then pour the coffee beans. Inside use a cotton thread to light the lamp. Let it set first. Your coffee bean candle holder is ready to throw a magic of aromatic candle never sense before.

Try these candle décor ideas at home. Very thoughtful and kind decoration of candle holder is available to set the tone of the party. No matter what is the occasion but elegant candle holder is able to get the majestic appearance in the party. All these DIY ideas are very simple which can also use for home décor and make occasions unique.