There are few things in life as satisfying as surrounding yourself with your favorite movie, comic book and TV show memorabilia, displaying it proudly all over your room (or better yet, the entire house), filling every part of your life with the things that make your significant other question their decision.

As a true geek, you can never stop collecting things that promote your seemingly unhealthy obsession, enriching your life and filling your mind and soul with positivism and purpose. So, here are the 8 geeky things you really need in your life.

Books, books everywhere

What is the one thing that can make a movie franchise, a video game series, or a TV show even better than it already is? A book set that completes the story, of course. You know you are a certified geek when you have read and reread every book about your favourite franchise, obviously loving it way more than its Hollywood rendition, and making sure you always highlight the errors portrayed on screen.

So, if you haven’t already, buy yourself the books you need to nurture your geeky obsession and complete the universe you so frequently visit – you won’t regret it.

An old gaming platform

8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now
8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now
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Remember the game boy your parents bought you when you were a kid? Or the Tamagotchi pet that always died on you because you forgot to feed it? Or how about that old Nintendo entertainment system, playing King Kong and the first ever Zelda games until your eyes hurt? Those were the days.

There are amazing deals for these old-school gaming platforms on the Internet, and you can even get a bundle at a discount if you dig deep enough. So, take a breather from the fast-paced world of modern gaming and peek back into your childhood by taking your 2-bit dog out for a walk again – just don’t forget to feed it this time.

VR Gadgets

Now, old-school is amazing, but there is nothing that can immerse you in your favourite video game setting like virtual reality. VR goggles are the new craze, allowing you to step hand and foot into your favourite stories that shaped your life and inspired you to become the geek you are today.

And like any real geek, you live for the thrill of blaster fire zinging by your head (because Stormtroopers can’t hit anything) as you wield your lightsaber frantically in an attempt to defeat the empire and save the rebellion.

A hoverboard

8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now
8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now

Sure, it’s not a podracer, or the Enterprise, but if you have truly embraced the geek lifestyle, all you need is some imagination. Skateboards and bikes are things of the past, and the future of transportation lies in hoverboards. Plus, they are cool as a Jedi on a coffee break. So, get yourself a purple hoverboard that would make Mace Windu proud and the hectic modern-day lifestyle just a little bit easier by hovering everywhere you go.

A gaming laptop

Finally, no geek ambiance is complete without a gaming beast ready to crush any video game on ultra-settings. And because you’re more than just a gamer, you realize the superiority of PCs over consoles, so you’ll need something with enough kick to run any game, anywhere.

This is where a gaming laptop becomes your best friend. The modern world is all about freedom of movement, and you should be able to enjoy your favourite content anywhere you go, so ditch the outdated computer (and don’t you dare spring for a console) and get yourself a gaming laptop you can take with you on vacations, to the coffee shop and everywhere in between!

Put your mind to the test

8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now
8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now

There is nothing quite like finding yourself in one of your favourite adventures, whether they are from your favourite movie or book, video game or TV series, Escape Room has it all. This innovative concept of mystery and problem solving is swiftly taking over the world, and it will put your wits and fandom knowledge to the test as you will have limited time to solve the riddles and escape the room in time to receive the Escape Room trophy. So grab a couple of tickets, gather your geeky entourage, and get cracking!

A pair of Snapchat glasses

Remember the time everyone and their grandmother was rocking a different Tamagotchi, the little 2-bit pet that always dies on you because you fed him too much? Well, the new, equally contagious trend entails wearing Snapchat spectacles and directly uploading your videos to the world’s soon-to-be most popular social media platform.

These are hard to come by though, as they are growing in popularity, but if you manage to get your hands on a pair, make sure to share your stories with the world!

How about an awesome drone?

8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now
8 Geeky Things You Need in Your Life Right Now

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – drones are awesome. No matter if you are a social media star, a YouTuber or just a random geeky dude looking to snap some amazing aerial photos and capture a birds eye view of his life, you are guaranteed to have a blast with a drone.

Mind you though, you can’t just buy a drone from any old manufacturer, as there are too many knock-offs on the market, guaranteeing your prized possession’s fame to be short-lived. Instead, look for honest and authentic reviews online to find the best drone in terms of quality, price and your specific needs.

One thing is certain though, a good drone that will last you for years won’t come under a grand, but it will definitely be worth the investment.

Being a geek in the 21st century is not easy. All of those conventions, comic cons, memorabilia, tech and gadgets can really put a lot of stress on your daily gaming routine and take away from your reading time. Luckily, with these 5 ideas you will be one step closer to completing your collection, and ensuring some well-deserved rest and relaxation – until the next book comes out, that is.