New seasons always bring something fresh with them, and although we always try to keep up when it comes to fashion, runways and red carpets can also offer us insight into the most trendy haircuts. This time last year catwalks were filled with experimental bold colors, wet-look hair and centre-partings, but this season we have the opportunity to see an array of great hair trends, such as boyish pixies, brushed out waves and contouring cut. We have chosen some of the most amazing hairstyles out of the bunch.

Faux Undercut

faux-undercutAn undercut is considered to be the signature hairstyle of professional soccer players, but it has found its way to ladies’ hearts too. This hairstyle requires one or both temple areas to be shaven or cut very short, and it can be worn on short, medium and long hair. Now, you don’t have to go all the way with shaving, just fake the undercut à la Kristen Stewart. Brush your hair over with a deep side part and then tuck the ends of your hair (preferably bob) under and secure with bobby pins.

Brushed-Out Waves

brushed-out-wavesHey there, curly-haired girl, remember the thing your hairstylist told you never to do? Well this fall/winter you should definitely do it. Brush-out your curls and you will get that dreamy, loose, frizzy, hippie-like waves, such as the ones Solange Knowles is currently sporting.

A-Line Bob with a Twist

a-line-bob-with-a-twistIn the distant 2006 Victoria Beckham became a synonym for the perfect A-line bob (which was then also known as the pob), but the fact that she changed her hairstyle dozens of times since then, doesn’t make pob any less popular today. This season, give your A-line bob a stylish twist with a side part and soft waves.

One-Length Cut

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one-length-cutThere is nothing wrong or boring with one-length cut, especially if you have healthy and shiny hair. Take a hint from Jessica Alba’s style book and add some visual interest with sunny, ombré strands, instead of layers. Note that this haircut can truly expose your hair’s flaws, so be sure to trim it regularly and to provide it with proper care. Besides the nourishing products, hair care should include supplements, such as Hairfinity vitamins that feed your hair from the inside.

Flipped Crop

flipped-cropIf you want innovative and edgy look this season, look no further than the flipped crop, a favorite of spunky and gorgeous celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Rachel McAdams. To achieve this hairstyle, you’ll need a short cut, which is completely flipped to one side. To create extra volume, you can create the side part while the hair is still wet and then blow-dry it.

Long Shag

long-shagThis season, haircuts vary from low-key to ultra-dramatic, and there is no middle ground. Long shag is the perfect look for ladies who prefer naturally-looking effortlessly-chic hairstyles. The best thing about it is that it is equally flattering for both fine and thick hair. Just take a look at January Jones’s beautifully chopped, blunt and scattered layers of sunny blond hair – it doesn’t get any better.

Marcel Waves

Marcel WavesWe know what you’re thinking, we’re not in ‘20s and you’re not Marion Davies, but Marcel waves are revived at Stella McCartney’s, Blue Marine’s, Salvatore Ferragamo’s, and Prada’s fall/winter 2017 runways. If you want to create this elegant look, avoid the rotating iron that was used in ‘20s, and go for a softer look which you can achieve with shaping your bangs in S-formation and clipping the curves with bobby pins. You can additionally secure the shape by using the hair gel.

As you can see, this season has something for everyone – it doesn’t matter if you prefer the natural look or you are more of a hair-drama queen. Copy your favorite celebs or catwalk looks, and don’t forget to include a personal touch that will make your hairstyle unique.

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