In our modern society back pain is a prevalent issue among adults, and it only gets worse as you get older, unless you do something about it

A correct posture requires keeping certain areas in the body aligned with their neighboring parts. Improving it is critical for reducing the incidence of neck and back pain, especially for those who are spending many hours standing or sitting in an office chair throughout the day.

If you are experiencing back pain caused by a poor posture, read some simple tips below, that you can follow to help resolve this problem. After all, correcting any back issue is necessary if you want to keep your spine strong and healthy as you get older.

  1. Fix Your Workstation

6 Ways To Improve Posture And Prevent Back Pain.
6 Ways To Improve Posture And Prevent Back Pain. Image Credit.

Most people who suffer from a poor posture and or back pain are often the ones who do not get a lot of daily physical movements. This means if you work behind a desk for many hours a day without the knowledge of making your workstation back health-friendly, you will eventually develop posture issues. So, it is a must to optimize an ergonomic workstation.

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Learn what your ideal desk height is based on how high you stand up or sit down and make sure to keep your feet flat while seated.

The easiest way to find out the right chair height is to level it with your knees. If you are a relatively tall person, you will need a taller chair.

Apart from the desk and chair height, you also need some lumbar support to prevent back pain.

The spinal column is curved inward, meaning the back of your chair should come forward to provide the support your spine needs.

Lastly, get a chair with arm rests. While you are not actively typing, your arms should be dropped comfortably to the armrests to provide shoulder relief. Make sure that your elbows bend at a 90-degree angle.

  1. Sit At A 135 Degree Angle

If you work requires a lot of sitting down, make sure to get an ergonomic chair fit for your workspace.

Find a chair that provides back support while allowing you to sit upright at a 135-degree angle. This alleviates the strain on your spine and prevent back pain.

  1. Do Yoga To Improve Core Strength

Any exercise that improves your core will help you maintain proper posture and stand tall. But recent research has shown that performing yoga exercises can effectively improve your overall back health. It helps strengthen your muscles while aligning your back and placing the emphasis on your balance and body awareness.

  1. Mind Your Posture

6 Ways To Improve Posture And Prevent Back Pain. Image Credit.

It’s not just when sitting down at your desk that you have to think about your posture.

If you drive your car often, you also have to sit upright while doing so. In addition you should have a correct posture when sleeping. The type of pillows and mattress you sleep on also affects how you end up holding your body during the day.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you also have to adjust the height of your tables, sinks and counters to prevent your body from hunching over.

  1. Learn Breathing Techniques

6 Ways To Improve Posture And Prevent Back Pain.
6 Ways To Improve Posture And Prevent Back Pain.

Working with your diaphragm helps lessen muscle tension, alleviates stress and may improve your posture in the long run. Breathing right can deeply affect the way you feel, how you move and help you focus on lengthening your spine while engaging your lower core and waist muscles.

If you have already adopted yoga in your lifestyle, you will learn the different breathing techniques while practicing this ancestral meditation and fitness activity.

  1. Be Creative And Use Technology

If you are determined to refine your back posture, there are different ways to catch when your body is holding itself  in a way that is not conducive to a good posture.

For example, you can place a large mirror on the wall right beside your desk. This will provide a convenient visual evaluation of what your posture looks like even while you are inside the office working.

There are also apps available to help you out in this regard. One example of a useful app is called Nekoze. It uses your computer’s camera to keep an eye on your posture. When your body starts to slouch, a cat icon will appear on your screen to warn you about it.

There are also other posture training apps for iOS and Android, search and check them online.

  1. Hold Your Gadgets Properly

If you are regularly staring at your phone and tablet to check email messages or news, constantly craning your neck down only adds shoulder tension and posture problems. What you can do to correct this is prop up your tablet or phone perpendicularly to the table where you are reading.

Keeping your back pain-free and aligned will definitely prevent any spine-related issues in the future. However, if you are experiencing severe pain and serious posture issues, you will need to talk to your doctor about it.

K. Jane is a freelance writer, a traveler and a mom to her two year old daughter. She tries to balance an active life as a mom and a small business owner in Portland, Oregon. Her hobbies include blogging, running, reading good books, and traveling. Despite her busy schedule, she squeezes in an hour of daily exercise and yoga to stay fit and healthy. A foodie and a self-proclaimed health enthusiast, she hopes to inspire people to live a more natural and healthier lifestyle.