If you find yourself unmotivated or would rather be anywhere else in the world than at your workplace, then you need to think about sprucing your work area. With a few tips and tricks, you can create a place where you’ll be happy to come to every morning and, at the same time, boost the level of productivity that will give you a little push to find that strength to sit straight for eight hours. The main problem is that people don’t try to introduce some of their personality into their offices or cubicles and thus end up with boring surroundings with nothing left to turn to when they’re in a creative rut. Adding a few personal details here and there can help you in the long run and make you feel comfortable.

Bring in some greenery

6 Office Decorations Ideas You Should Implement Today
6 Office Decorations Ideas You Should Implement Today. Image Credit.

It is proven that plants have a major influence on indoor air quality so be sure that you have one in your office. They are like natural purifiers and you’ll feel their power just a few days after placing them near you. Apart from that, if you choose an interesting flower pot, your favorite green detail will be a part of your décor. Be sure to check in with your local florist and ask for a suggestion on plants that work best for office settings.

Keep yourself comfortable

6 Office Decorations Ideas You Should Implement Today
6 Office Decorations Ideas You Should Implement Today. Image Credit.

Increasing productivity by decorating your office is a great idea, but you need to pay attention to comfort as well. Finding great office chairs is the most important thing in the world and going for a cozy one will provide you with necessary support and comfort. Keep a fluffy cushion to support your back or, if you have space, keep a pilates ball and try to sit on it at least an hour every day.

Make organization fun

Instead of keeping everything on your desk, spread decorative details around the office area. Don’t go with the old plain and simple organization board, but make a creative one by simply adding a few decorative strings where you’ll pin your appointments and everything you need to remember. Start using a bulletin or magnetic board and get some interesting pins and magnets in various colors that convey a certain message. Find an eye-catching solution for your reminders and place them on your table, but be sure to avoid clutter.

Make room for decor

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If you want to be subtle, all you need to do is to add a lamp which will change the ambiance factor and also come in handy as an additional lighting fixture. When you spend the most of your day away from home, bringing a piece of it to your office is the most natural thing in the world. Hang a few pictures of your loved ones, include some memorabilia from your travels or make a display of your child’s newest artwork. For the ones with a hobby, why not include a part of it in your office design and have a great conversation starter with the other colleagues.  

Brighten up the storage space

6 Office Decorations Ideas You Should Implement Today
6 Office Decorations Ideas You Should Implement Today. Image Credit.

There’s no need to use plain old storage units when you can add a creative twist to them. For example, store your paper clips in mason jars which you can be glued onto candlesticks. Add a colorful lid and you can use this DIY project for all your small office supplies. Use your vertical space and install organizing bins on your walls to make room at the table. You can decorate them with a washi tape and enhance the look with your favorite pattern.

Other ideas

If you’re an avid reader, add some inspirational quotes from your favorite books to get you motivated when you feel like you’d rather be in bed. Some scented oils and candles can do a great job in making you feel relaxed so include them in your office, too. For those who like a big cup of coffee to start their day, choose an illustration that will make you smile every time you look at it. When you’re done with everything from this list, finish the look with some colorful pencils and matching planner and enjoy the work.

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