Travelling doesn’t have to be a hassle for you or your kids because there are so many interesting games you can play! No, I am not talking about 20 questions or singing songs, I have something much better for you to see. Here you can find 5 travel games you can play to make even the longest trips more exciting. With these 5 games, you will come to your destination faster than ever.

Le Toy Van Petliou “Animal Pairs” Memory Game

Le Toy Van Petliou "Animal Pairs" Memory Game.
Le Toy Van Petliou “Animal Pairs” Memory Game.

Memory games are always welcome because they are extremely entertaining, but they are also a great exercise for your brain. What I like about a good memory game is the fact that the entire family can play it. Le Toy memory game is perfect for travelling because the pictures aren’t made on paper, but on wood.

There are 16 animals divided into 8 pairs which means that the game is great for a car, a plane, and even a bus. The game has one great feature and that is a high-quality fabric bag so you can easily store the game.

Scrabble to Go Board Game

Scrabble to Go Board Game.
Scrabble to Go Board Game.

As you can see from the name of the game it is actually made for travelers. The design of the game is pretty impressive because the games like Scrabble have so many small parts! The board is smaller than the original Scrabble game, but it still offers the same amount of fields for letters.

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The letters are designed to click on the board which means once you put it on the field; it won’t jump off that easily. Every part of the game is made so you can close it, go on a break and open it like nothing happened. It is a must-have travel game for every passionate traveler.

Spot It

Spot It.
Spot It.

Spot It is a game made for kids, but I am sure parents can enjoy it too. The game consists out of 55 round cards with many different drawings on it. There is always one match between any two cards of the game and the main goal of the game is to spot that match before everybody else does it.

The variety of drawings is big so, parents, don’t underestimate the game or your kid will be better than you! Just like the memory game, Spot it comes in a tin for easier storage.

Super Silly Mad Libs Junior

Super Silly Mad Libs Junior.
Super Silly Mad Libs Junior.

Although this is not technically a game it is definitely a piece that will keep your kid’s attention for a long time. Super Silly Mad Libs Junior is a funny and silly book which will charm your kid and that is something worth sharing on this list!

To have fun with Super Silly Mad Libs Junior all you need to do is fill in the blanks with silly answers! J Since it is a book you don’t need anything more than a seat and someone to read it.

Foosball iPad stand

Foosball iPad stand.
Foosball iPad stand.

Foosball is an awesome game but it is big. That is why people from New Potato Technologies decided to make a game which combines a pocket version of a foosball table with foosball app.

It is basically a small stand for iPad which looks like a foosball table and instead of a small field; you put the iPad on the stand. That way you can spin the rods in reality and on the iPad app simultaneously. Now that is impressive travel game.

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