It is almost November and that time of year when we have to think about what to buy and gift to our loved ones. Christmas is around the corner and it is the time of giving. There are many special discounts and prices coming before Christmas, and you should try not to spend all your money on gifts. If you’re a shopping addict, you should try and save your money, especially on Christmas gifts. Here are 5 ways in which you could save your money and still get the gifts you always wanted for your loved ones.

Make a list

As every other plan, Christmas shopping starts with a list. Put all the people who will receive a gift and the amount you are willing to spend on each and every one of them. Then create a gift list, with things you are most likely going to buy. Once you have the gifts written down, think about the places where you can buy those. Now create a mental image of all the places that sell the things you need, and create a route.

You need to visit all those stores to make your purchases. But keep in mind that there could be places selling several things at once. Look for shopping malls and big shopping areas where majority of people does their Christmas shopping. There you will find everything you need. And if you do it all in one run, you will save the money on gas and perhaps get a discount for multiple items purchase within a same store.

Start now

5 Tips For Saving Money on Christmas GiftsIt is highly recommended that you start shopping for gifts right about now to avoid crowded stores and the chance of not finding what you’re looking for. By catching an early bird, you are ensuring that the item is still available in the store and you won’t have to fight anyone for it.

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Especially if you’re shopping on Black Friday, where fights actually occur, make a run for the small things that you need, while everyone else fights over the big ones. Then again, I don’t recommend you wait that long; start now while you are still ahead.

Wait for sales

When shopping for clothes, don’t spend all of your money on the first thing you see. As everything else does, clothes also go on a huge sale before Christmas. You can save almost up to 50% of your cash by waiting for a perfect sale.

Looking to buy a practical dress for every occassion – wait until December and check out some evening dresses for sale in any major store. There will be many of them, at affordable prices and discounts. Remember not to rush, but play it patiently and save your cash in the process.

Is it available online?

5 Tips For Saving Money on Christmas GiftsSome things are cheaper when purchased online. Before you visit the stores, check the online price of the item and do your analysis. Perhaps you will find that the same item is 20% cheaper online. In that case, be prepared to check all validated retailers online and purchase your item at the lowest price. Consider amazon, eBay and other similar websites.

Check out the Cyber Monday

This is something that occurs on Monday after Black Friday. It is a special day where many online retailers give special discounts to their online shoppers. Get super deals and bonuses, and purchase some amazing things for a very cheap price. And who knows, you might end up getting something for yourself.

Knowing how to shop is very important. Even though it sounds like an easy process, it can be very stressful and exhausting. Use these 5 tips and save your money on Christmas gifts. Both you and your friends and family will end up winning.

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