The past hides many treasures when it comes to fashion world. The impeccable style of older generations often leaves us amazed and makes us want to achieve the same look. However, it often happens that people who like vintage clothes refrain from wearing them because they’re afraid they will look like they’re headed to a fancy-dress party. This doesn’t have to be the case. With proper balance of vintage and modern pieces, you can create your own unique style inspired by the glorious past.

5 Modern Ways to Wear Vintage Clothes

Choose clothes that resemble popular trends

5 Modern Ways to Wear Vintage ClothesFashion trends come and go, but they also tend to come back with some added new features. Most fashion designers rely greatly on styles from the past when creating new clothes, so modern pieces can be quite similar to older clothes. These are the pieces you should be looking for, and they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. This way, you’re following the popular trends, but you’re enriching your look with a vintage touch. And you certainly won’t look as if you’re off to a fancy-dress party! If you lack inspiration, materials like chiffon and lace, floral details, prints like polka dots, paisley, and checkers, and flared skirts and sleeves are typically vintage-y.

Mixing vintage and modern pieces

5 Modern Ways to Wear Vintage ClothesOne of the easiest ways to introduce a vintage look into your wardrobe routine is to mix your basic vintage item with a modern piece. For example, you can match a vintage blouse with ripped jeans and look fabulous. A vintage dress looks great when accompanied by a trendy cardigan. You can also combine different materials and patterns or add an element of surprise with some vivid colors to create bold outfits that look up-to-date and classic at the same time. Apart from matching classic and trendy garments, you can also mix clothes from different past eras and come up with an original all-vintage style inspired by the past, which works great for modern times, too. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the desired look.

Accessorizing in both ways

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5 Modern Ways to Wear Vintage ClothesMatch your vintage piece with some modern accessories, such as trendy shoes and clutches. You can also incorporate details in vivid colors in your all-black outfit to make it more up-to-date. This will elevate your style and prevent you from looking old-fashioned. Another option is to go vice-versa and combine a modern garment with some old trinkets. Wear beads and embroidered scarves around your neck, or finish up your style with a vintage brooch, a floral handbag and glasses in the style of Audrey Hepburn. For chillier days, put on a cool vintage hat, like a fedora or a news reporter hat. For a more casual variant, combine a white shirt dress and jeans with a hippie headband.

Children’s clothes

5 Modern Ways to Wear Vintage ClothesWhile you’re re-inventing your wardrobe, why not do the same with your children’s? Kids grow fast and they’re in constant need of new and quality clothes. Provide them with some interesting new items to prepare them for the following seasons. You can find plenty of deals on boys clothing online that your little ones will adore.

Hair and makeup

5 Modern Ways to Wear Vintage ClothesTrying to replicate exact haircuts and makeup of past eras can be tiring and time-consuming; so, unless you have enough free time at hand, you are more likely to opt for a modern look. Simple hairdos and subtle makeup are essential for vintage style. A strict bun is a perfect addition to a flared skirt or dress from the 1950s, while a slightly darker eye color palette goes well with an Edwardian style. You can give old hairstyles a new twist, such as a contemporary version of 1930s wavy bob, which is frequently featured by many celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence.

Wearing vintage garments doesn’t have to look silly. The options are limitless and you can find inspiration in many classic pieces. Use these tips to create your own original look that will make you both up-to-date and timeless.

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