Once a year you should go to a place, you have never seen before. If life is giving you a chance to travel, take it. If it changes everything, let it. Go see as many places as you can because you can always make money, not memories! With these 5 life-changing trips to take in a lifetime, let new adventures begin!

A trip to Cappadocia

From beautiful cave houses, stunning fairy chimneys to underground cities, Cappadocia is nothing but a place out of a fairy-tale storybook. There are several activities that you can opt for like horse safaris and quad biking, but nothing will beat an early morning hot air balloon trip. You get to rise into the sky and float above the mushroom shaped towers. The thrills under and above Cappadocia is something that will make you appreciate little things in life such as the everyday sunrise and sunset.

A trip to Victoria Falls

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, should be on your list of life-changing trips to take in a lifetime. This stunning piece of beauty is also described as ‘smoke that thunders.’ It will boggle your mind when you see a sight of about 625 million liters of water flowing over the edge every minute. For all the adrenaline junkies, there are activities like bungee jumping and water rafting also. Do go for elephant safari and sunset cruises for the most memorable and exciting experiences of your life.

A trip to Antarctica

AntarcticaThe next on this list is the windiest, coldest and driest continent, Antarctica. It is indeed a land of extremes. So think no more and hop on an Antarctica cruise which will take you towards the south pole. Once your trip starts, you will be amazed at the sight of mesmerizing icebergs, penguins, whales and seals surrounding you on all sides. With such cheap air tickets, a trip to Antarctica should be on your list.

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A trip to Galápagos

GalápagosYou should include the Galapagos on your bucket list right now. Why? Well, it is still untouched by human development and is one of the most protected places on earth. You can get close to animals such as giant tortoise, Galapagos penguins, and fur sea lions without threatening their territories. And with unique landscapes such as the volcanic mountains, Galapagos carpet and dramatic rock formations, you will end up becoming a professional photographer.

A trip to Mongolia

Victoria FallsOne of the most unique countries in the world, Mongolia is where you should be. Though travelers often overlook this gorgeous piece on earth, it is worth traveling to. Ride horses through the valleys, climb to Buddhist villages, hike through the alluring mountains or stay at luxurious yurt right under the canvas of twinkling stars. This place has everything you have ever wished for!

Which destination is your favorite? Let us know! These 5 amazingly beautiful places will surely change your life in some right way. So wait no more and choose your destination from the list of 5 life changing trips to take in a lifetime. And yes remember, travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you! Cheers and happy travels!

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