When it comes to fashion, there are few occasions for which dressing is more challenging than dressing for the office. Finding your workwear style and striking the right balance between your taste, the demands of your work, and an optimal level of comfort can be really difficult. It can be easy to let this challenge get the best of you and just give up.

Wearing whatever you get your hands on or what seems to be acceptable in the office without considering your style and expressing yourself might be an easy solution, but it is never the right one. A good outfit can lift your spirit on a bad day, make you more confident, and give you the strength to kick ass at work. Achieving that is definitely worth the extra effort and with these five tips, your best workwear style will be within your reach in no time.

Find your workwear style

5 Fashion Forward Tips for Improving Your Work Outfits
5 Fashion Forward Tips for Improving Your Work Outfits

The first step to improving your work outfits is finding your personal style. When it comes to style, women usually think about what they love wearing in their leisure time not even considering their office clothes. Workwear is thought of as a necessity, something we all have to have and wear, but not something that reflects our style.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Unless you work from home, your workwear is the most important part of how you present yourself and your style to others. Every day, you put on your clothes and go to work, you spend most of your days in the outfit you choose for your work, so it should reflect who you are. But finding your office style is not just translating your leisure clothes to the workplace.

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You should definitely start by taking a good look at what you already own. What do you wear? Which items of clothing are just collecting dust in your closet? But don’t skip considering your job and its unique requirements. Make a chart representing the style you want to achieve and start from there.

Make a capsule wardrobe

Once you find your style, you can start building your workwear wardrobe. If you haven’t heard about capsule wardrobes by now, it is about time you learned about them. In short, a capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe that is made up of items of clothes that are really versatile and that fit your style perfectly. You can choose the number of items you want to have in your capsule wardrobe and start building it so that the items work together and represent your style.

Make a list of everything you want to include in your capsule and start thinking about how you could combine those pieces. The pieces you include in your capsule should be pieces you love and pieces that work well together and work well in your workplace. It might seem like you are limiting yourself and the outfits you will wear are going to be boring and repetitive, but if you choose the right pieces, you will have countless ways of combining them and that way, you will also have countless outfits.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up

You found your style, you built your capsule, and now you are done. Well not quite. Once you have done those two things, it is time to start having fun with your wardrobe. Workwear should be professional and office appropriate, never boring! Your capsule is the core of your workwear and you can build on it to make it more interesting and to keep it fresh. You can add something new to your capsule every season.

Knowing your style will only make it easier to include fashionable pieces in your daily outfits. Fashion changes and you should keep up. There is always that new it color or piece that will work with your style, but change it just enough to make it interesting. This season beautiful midi skirts are making a comeback. What is the best thing about that? Well, they go perfectly together with any work outfit. The length is office appropriate, the style is in, and they are comfortable.


5 Fashion Forward Tips for Improving Your Work Outfits
5 Fashion Forward Tips for Improving Your Work Outfits

Even the best outfit can go unnoticed if it is not accentuated with the right details. Accessorizing has always been an integral part of personal style, so why is it so often overlooked? It is hard to say why exactly, but it often boils down to a lack of time and imagination. You worked so hard to find your style and build your capsule, so don’t mess up the final step and settle for a good outfit when you can wear a great one.

Think about your accessories the same way as you would about your clothes before creating a capsule. Ask yourself what jewelry you like to wear, what other pieces you love using as accessories, and what would work with your clothes. Build an accessories capsule as well. Choose a limited number of items and make sure they are the ones you love and can wear with your workwear. With just a few good pieces, you can elevate any outfit.

Keep looking for inspiration

When it comes to fashion, our work is never done. There is always something new around the corner and keeping your eyes open will ensure you have the best and most fashion forward workwear wardrobe that you possibly can. You should never stop looking for inspiration. Nowadays finding fashion inspiration is easier than ever before. Myriads of fashion magazines, blogs, and Instagram feeds are just a click away.

You can find your online fashion gurus and follow their fashion journeys to get inspired on your own journey. Although most bloggers don’t have to go to a traditional office every day, they do know their fashion and they will inspire you. Their non-traditional office hours mean they have more time to explore the changing world of fashion and come up with new outfits that will help you get dressed in the morning.