Let’s face it ,Most people now are fully aware of the importance of switching to chemical free ,cruelty free Products Especially when it comes to personal care and cosmetics products.W e know how horribly regular personal care products are manufactured ,They are Tested on animals Plus the added chemicals that have atrocious effects on your health in the long run. I spent hours and hours searching for pure and chemicals free cosmetics and personal care products, There are tons of them but it was pretty frustrating to find out that all of them was originally in USA, Canada and United kingdom mostly.

Which is not so affordable Because let’s say you want to order form them you will actually not only pay for the products only but also you will pay for shipping ,the duties and sales tax. also it is time consuming because it takes at least a week for your order to reach your doorstep. I spent an additional time searching for Egyptian ones until i came out with amazing results, I have found 5 Egyptian Organic Cosmetic Shops that only sell Natural ,Chemicals free and high quality products . Let’s check them out!

1- Nature’s Gifts Stores

Nature's Gifts Stores
Nature’s Gifts Stores

NGS or nature’s gifts stores, It is an Egyptian online store that does not believe about any products but that natural and organic ones, It is originally an organic food Market, Offers chemical free Food “Veggies,fruits ,Beef,Chicken and many more” so now you can enjoy your food to the maximum without worrying.

When it comes to cosmetic and personal care products they sell originally Egyptian made products and also you can find imported natural products from USA mostly.They also have an application, you can install it on you android or IOS devices.

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They deliver your order to your house in the same day, unless you order too late ,they will be delivering it to your house in the next day. Delivery fees are extremely cheap Just 15LE.

Official Website :- NGS-Egypt.com
Official Facebook Page :- Nature’s Gifts

2- Nefertari Body Care

Nefertari Body Care
Nefertari Body Care

They could not pick a better name ,Nefertai Means جميلتهم, Trust me i spent 4 years studying archaeology ,Anyways!

They only sell pure ,100% chemical free ,handmade ,High quality personal care products “hair, body and skin care products”. They have Lots of branches Inside and outside Cairo. Find the nearest to your place. You can also order online.

Official Website :- NefertariBodyCare.com
Official Facebook Page :- Nefertari 100% Natural Body Care Products

3- Healing Herbs Boutique

Healing Herbs Boutique
Healing Herbs Boutique

Healing herbs boutique is my second favorite one after Nefertari ,They got many products for hair and for skin , They are undoubtedly Natural and 100% chemical free.
They don’t have any stores, But you can order online from their products list. You can massage them on Facebook if you have any questions ,they are so responsive.
Official Facebook Page :- Healing Herbs Boutique

Official Ordering Page :- Order Form

4- Eden Greens Egypt

Eden Greens Egypt
Eden Greens Egypt

You can look through their page on Facebook and you will start smelling some good scents already, Just Kidding!

Their Products are also natural ,organic ,chemical free and high quality ,They have tons of excellent reviews which they like to share with their customers.They Only have Facebook page ,you can order though a Phone call ,or messaging them on Facebook.

Official Facebook Page :- Eden Greens Egypt

5- Pandora Egypt

Pandora Egypt
Pandora Egypt

Pandora Egypt Is a company founded six years ago, Their cosmetic products designed for fixing hair problems Like excessive hair Loss ,and slow hair growth. their products are organic contains different kinds of oils that proven to stop hair loss and regrow you hair back Like Jojoba oil.

They have have one branch in Mohandessin ,You can also order online.

Official Website :- PandoraEgypt.com
Official Facebook Page :- Pandora Egypt

My Personal Review

First Of all ,I won’t be giving a review on the products themselves and the results i see from using them because everyone is different ,we have different type of skin and hair.

1 – Nature’s Gifts Stores
I have only ordered personal care products but have not tried other products yet, But they are really responsive and helpful people and their delivery fees are pretty cheap 15LE only and deliver in the same day.

2- Nefertari Body Care
Nefertari is my personal favorite, their product are so professionally made ,And healthy also. I like the fact that they have lots of branches so you can get what you need at any time without waiting for your order to be delivered comparing to ordering online.

3- Healing Herbs Boutique
My second favorite ,Products are so amazing ,they are so responsive and helpful ,But the only thing that i consider as a disadvantage is that You can only order online ,your order will be delivered after 2 to 3 days which is no big deal To be honest but the delivery fees are 50LE . Seriously? UPDATE :- THEY REDUCED THE SHIPPING FEES TO 30 LE.

4- Pandora Egypt
I am that kinda of person that always love to look at the ingredients, it was pretty confusing for me when i look at the Shampoo and the conditioner bottle and did not find the full ingredients that the shampoo and conditioner are made off. Yes it contains natural oils and no SLS “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” ,but hey i have the right to know the ingredients anyway.

5-  Eden Greens Egypt
I have not tried them yet ,but i am very curious about them and i will be ordering from them in the near future and i will update you.

P.S:- Natural shampoos are not supposed to create foams like regular shampoo ,What cause the foam is SLS “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate”. SLS is now proven to cause damage and dryness to your hair, Big Foam is not big deal, You will spend some time anyways until you and your hair adapt to Natural products. and don’t worry it does clean the hair.


Really as i am inspired by the healthy living life style ,I like to inspire you also and help you to find the most natural way to live. Switching to Organic and natural personal body,skin,hair care products might be the best decision you will ever make, You will not only save yourself but also people around you ,animals and environment and please be careful ,Chemical personal care products could be more harmful for you than anything on earth.

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