Most people are familiar with essential oils and their various common applications. People rely on essential oils for beauty purposes and to take care of their aromatherapy needs as well. Aside from reenergizing you and giving your house a fresh scent, there are some lesser known uses of essential oils that can transform your daily life.

Here are five creative ways to use essential oils that you may have never heard of.

1. Manage Your Pest Problems

Pests can be serious nuisances. If you have a problem with pesky mice or spiders anywhere on your property, essential oils may just be able to save the day. Mice and spiders alike detest peppermint. These pests don’t have much in common but they do indeed share a hatred for all things peppermint.

If you want to do away with an infestation of mice or spiders, grab a spray bottle and put water in it. Put anywhere between 10 and 15 drops of peppermint essential oil inside of the bottle. Then spray the mixture into any openings that give mice and spiders access into your structure. This may just rid you of your mice or spider problem for good.

You can also put a couple of peppermint oil drops on cotton balls. Put these cotton balls in front of any crevices. You should notice a sharp drop in the number of mice or spiders you see. They may even disappear completely!

2. Clean Burnt Pans

Doing the dishes can be a time-consuming and dull chore. It can be particularly annoying to have to deal with pans and pots that are chock-full of remnants of old burnt food. Who has time to deal with that? It can take a lot of energy and focus to scrape away these persistent lingering bits. Essential oils thankfully can help you with this stressful and frustrating process.

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If you’re annoyed by pans and pots that look like burnt and crusty messes, all you need is boiling H20 and two or three lemon oil drops. This combination can help you quickly and efficiently get rid of any stubborn burnt food remnants you may see on your pans and pots. If you don’t want to waste hours of your precious time scraping away, lemon oil can be your superhero.

3. Relieve Headaches

Killer headaches that don’t seem to go away no matter what you do are the worst. They can make life feel absolutely unbearable. If you have a lasting headache that refuses to hit the road, it may be time to focus on essential oils.

Mix a couple birch essential oil drops with a bit of shampoo. Squeeze an amount of shampoo that’s similar in size to a quarter onto your hand. Blend the oil and the shampoo together thoroughly. Proceed to wash your locks as normal. This should soothe your head significantly and relieve some of the pressure and pain.

If you don’t feel like washing your hair, you don’t have to abandon the assistance of essential oils, however. You can instead put a couple peppermint essential oil drops onto key areas such as your sinuses, neck and temple. Peppermint essential oil can do a lot for people who regularly suffer from splitting and pounding headaches. If you want to minimize and reduce headaches the natural way, few things can be more effective and helpful than essential oils.

4. Freshen Up Your Kitchen After Cooking

Your kitchen should be a sanctuary. It can be comforting to prepare food in an environment that’s fresh, clean and inviting. It can be unpleasant, however, to have to prepare meals in a setting that smells less than perfectly clean. If your kitchen suffers from the pitfalls of lingering food odors all the time, essential oils may be a smart solution. If you want to eliminate any lasting cooking smells from your kitchen, get a pan and gently boil a blend of water and citrus, cinnamon or clove essential oils. This should be able to quickly and effectively say goodbye to persistent cooking scents.

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It doesn’t matter if you want to do away with the smell of grilled chicken, lasagna, hamburger or anything else. Essential oils can help you do so easily.

This trick can be particularly helpful to people who are getting ready to welcome guests into their homes. Lingering scents can often be highly off-putting to people. They can be particularly unpleasant to people who can’t immediately leave the premises. Be a gracious host and do everything you can to keep strong cooking aromas at bay. Essential oils are the answer!

5. Clean Your Carpets

Essential oils serve many potential uses all throughout the home. If you’re a fan of carpeting that always looks and feels its best, it may be time for you to break out the essential oils and let them work their magic.

If you want your carpet to be as fresh as possible, combine baking soda with peppermint, lemon, lavender or geranium essential oils. Trickle the blend directly over your carpeting. Let the blend remain on your carpet for a minimum of 15 minutes or so. Don’t rush this process.

Once the minimum time has elapsed, vacuum everything carefully. You should then notice a serious change in your carpet. It should give off a lovely, mild and pleasant smell that helps you feel relaxed and at ease. It should feel nice and soft as well. What could be cooler than that?

If you give essential oils the opportunity to better your lifestyle, they can open you up to a universe of conveniences and benefits. Essential oils aren’t just calming and uplifting. They’re assets that can assist you in all areas of your life. You can depend on them for cleaning reasons. You can even depend on them to ease intense head pain!

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