Turning your backyard into something beautiful and lush is the very point of owning a garden. This should all be carefully planned and realized slowly, minding even the tiniest of details. The trends in garden design that are to be expected throughout the 2017 aren’t too different from the ones we are experiencing in 2016, but a revision can go a long way in spotting the mistakes that you might have made, or about to make.

Properly Choose Your Plants

2017 Garden Design Trends to Keep an Eye onA green and lavish garden is pretty much the aim of every gardener, but achieving this cannot be done without dedication. For example, doing a thorough research as to which plants to use in order to achieve the lush effect within your garden a key, yet often neglected and disregarded factor. One of the most important plant qualities to keep an eye on is choosing plants that don’t need too much maintenance – not because you might feel lazy, but due to the fact that a green garden requires a ton of, well, greenery. Using native plants may not be the most exotic option, but there is a reason why these are native – the climate suits them perfectly. Essentially, yes, a palm tree would look gorgeous in your backyard, but you can’t expect to grow it in Seattle without a ton of effort.

Evoke Serenity

2017 Garden Design Trends to Keep an Eye onYour garden should be your oasis – a place where you can relax at and enjoy some natural peace and quiet. Additionally, sustainability is not only a popular, but also a mature choice – being eco-friendly has never been as important as it is now. You can achieve this by opting for furniture made from natural elements, such as bamboo and wood, which will, in turn, perfectly blend in with your garden landscape. Recycle, reuse and adapt – these are the pillars of a green mindset and the main trend to be expected in 2017.

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Be Subtle about Your Privacy

2017 Garden Design Trends to Keep an Eye onSure, who doesn’t need some time to themselves in the busyness of the modern world? Instead of keeping this peace and quiet indoors, there are ways to take it outside, which will allow you to enjoy nature at your very own home. Of course, being up in the face about it with your neighbors by building a 10 ft. tall wall might not be the best solution – people are easily offended. There are many subtle ways to provide your backyard with privacy, such as using arbors and trellis, or hedge barriers. Making this a DIY project is always a possibility, but going with professionals is definitely a safe way to go here, so contact landscaping services in order to allow experts to design your oasis of subtle privacy.

Light it up

2017 Garden Design Trends to Keep an Eye onOf course, trees are used to create some greatly needed shade during those boiling summer months, but no one needs a shade once the sun has set. During nighttime, properly lighting up your garden is the only way to reveal its true beauty. Going with LED lights is always advised; even though these are more expensive than the regular bulbs, they both pay off in the long run and are environmentally-friendly which means a lot now and will mean even more in 2017. Additionally, properly placed LED lights will allow for better, more natural and more sustainable illumination than any other lightbulb could ever hope to do.

These trends in garden design aren’t really innovations, but, nevertheless, are bound to stay important throughout the upcoming year. Keep your garden green in every conceivable way, be subtle about your privacy and be smart about choosing your plants; in return, you’ll get a gorgeous and calming outdoor refuge!

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