Nails reflect the health of any individual. Pink, strong and growing nails are a sign of good health. On the other hand, brittle nails that don’t grow fast are a sign of some deficiency in the person’s health. Often many women use their nails for lifting up little things, removing the frying pan stains and scratching their body, just because it is convenient. But it is actually not advisable for the nails. If our nails are neglected, we may end up with a fungal infection or the problem of ingrown nails.

11 DIY Tips For Beautiful Healthy Nails
11 DIY Tips For Beautiful Healthy Nails . Image Source

Let us now have a look at the Top 11 Healthy Nails Tips:

Nail cuticle massage

Massage your cuticles and the region around them with petroleum jelly at bedtime or at any other time of the day to keep them soft. If you feel petroleum jelly makes your fingers sticky, you can also try castor oil. It is thick and rich in Vitamin E, which helps cuticles to remain hydrated. Another option is to go for olive oil. It works wonders for your skin and cuticles too.

Hand protection

Protect your hands while doing household chores by wearing rubber hand gloves. Our hands are exposed to harsh treatment when we wash dishes or clean the bathroom or with any other work which involves the use of hands. So dab on some hand cream and put on vinyl gloves to keep your hands safe.

Vitamin Eskin softening lotion

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Another thing that will help your nails look and feel healthy is using a skin softening lotion several times during the day. Be sure that the lotion is thick and rich and has a great amount of Vitamin E in it. The Vitamin E is what makes your nails grow and healthy Vitamin E also gives your nails strength. If you have any chip nails be sure to take care of them with a nail buffer to smooth them out.

Don’t pull your cuticles

Be careful while pulling back your cuticles. Being harsh to the cuticle will result in a weak nail and an injured cuticle.

How to cut your nails

Diabetic people should cut their toenails in a straight across way. This will keep them away from ingrown toenails.Keeping your nail tools clean is a must remember that finger nail clippers and files and other nail tools pick up bacteria each time you use them so be sure to keep them clean.

Stay away from fungal infection

Keep in mind that fungi thrive on damp areas. So dry your hands and feet well after a bath or a swim in the pool. Drying your hands well after washing the dishes will be helpful too. This will not provide breeding ground for fungi.Another tips that is extremely easy and cost nothing is when you get out the shower pamper your cuticles.The roots of your nails need protection from infection. Every couple days after showering gently push your cuticles back with a bath cloth. Infection is not what your nails need, but eating a diet high in zinc can prevent splitting and actually will make your nails thicker.

Clean socks

Those people who sweat a lot can change socks every day. Using 100 percent cotton socks is advisable as it soaks up all the sweat. It is good to interchange between two pairs of shoes too, so that it keeps your feet dry and prevents fungal infection. Ensure that your shoe rack has vents so that the shoes dry out completely before being used again.

Vitamin B

Consume Vitamin B rich food like healthful spinach. Brittle nails are strengthened by consumption of Vitamin B supplements, according to a study. Zinc, which is found in milk, eggs or garlic is an important factor to healthy nails. Regular consumption of a glass of milk and an egg will help recover your nails from white spots.

Proper time to file nail

Filing your nails should be done in one direction only. Also, do not file nails after a bath or shower, as wet nails are weak and may crack easily.

Coat your nails

Apply a transparent coat of polish to keep your nails secured. Even before applying nail color, use a base coat and then apply the color. Nail color must not be kept for more than ten days.

Choose the right nail color removal

Strictly use acetate based nail color removers. Mostly nail polish removers contain Acetone or formaldehyde, which cause the nails to dry. So it is not advisable to use them.This is very important because  acetone based polish will remove your nail polish greatly, but it will also dry your nails out leaving your nails extremely dehydrated, and over time this is not what you will want for your nails because it will only cause them to be unhealthy. When taking off nail polish the best thing to do is get a polish remover that is protein enriched this will not leave your nails dehydrated and they will continue to be healthy.

You will agree with me that even though Nail Art has many fans across the world, a set of beautiful, healthy hand and toe nails is unmatched. You can have such healthy nails too, just follow the tips above and see the results.