Most of the people who start working out are super excited and motivated at the beginning, but keeping that motivation going is what will determine whether you’ll succeed or fail in reaching your fitness goals. Everyone who trains sometimes reaches that point when it gets hard to get yourself to work out, but the best always push through. Here is a list of tips and tricks that will help you get and stay motivated to exercise and get fit and healthy.

Sign a contract

10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation
10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation

If you’re just starting out with your healthy lifestyle, research shows that you’re more likely to stick to it and reach your goal if your make an official commitment in front of your family or friends. You can put in your contract that you’re going to pay a fine for every missed workout, whether it’s in the form of money or embarrassment of breaking your word. Super effective!

Make it fun

10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation
10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation

If every workout is a torture for you, in time you’ll probably just give up. Instead, try to find a sport or an activity that you actually enjoy and want to get better at. If the activity you’ve chosen doesn’t work after all, switch to something else. There are sooooo many things you can try. Join a baseball league, a volleyball club, sign yourself up for some dancing classes, visit a dojo or a take a spinning class. Exercising doesn’t have to be boring and if you’re having fun on your practices, you’re more likely to stick to them.

Write it down

No matter what they are, write down your goals! You might want to look good for the summer, get bigger muscles, boost your energy, get some better sleep or even control your health condition, just write it down. Every time you look at that paper, you will know just why you’re sweating your butt of in the gym. Also, some people find it super effective to keep a workout diary. There you can keep track of all your sets and reps, times and miles, or write down all your measurements. This way you can actually see your progress and how fast you’re coming closer to your goal.

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Make some changes if things don’t work

10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation
10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation

If you suddenly stop progressing it means you have to change something in your workout plan. You can start working out more often, step up the intensity, or have longer workouts. For instance, switch up to a more advanced spin class, make room for another gym session during the week, or simply add 5 minutes to your workout time. Make these changes at least every month, so you can constantly challenge your muscles and burn more calories. This way you will continue to progress and stay on your path.

Celebrate your victories

10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation
10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation

Make sure to congratulate yourself on doing good work, instead of being disappointed every time you fail even a little. It’s so important for your motivation to celebrate little victories. Also, make sure to own your success. If someone notices you’ve lost some weight, don’t just dismiss it. “Thank you so much, I’ve been working out a lot and it means so much that you noticed” would be a good response. Every time someone compliments you it will feel like a little victory, and you will want to continue to experience that satisfaction by having regular workouts.

Write down your feelings

No matter how organized you are, there will always be something to throw you off the track and make you want to stay in bed and watch Netflix. Maybe you have your gym clothes ready, your workout for the day printed and your healthy meal prepped, but if you didn’t have enough sleep, or you had a hard day at work, all you’ll want to do is rest at home. If a part of you still wants to train, this trick might help your motivation. You can write down exactly how you feel after a good workout and write down how you feel after you skip your session. One entry will be positive and one negative. When you skip your workout you will usually feel guilty, lazy and useless. Do you want to feel like that again? I didn’t think so. On the other hand, exercising releases endorphins and gives you a natural high. So, next time you are struggling, read both notes and see how you want to feel for the rest of the day.

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Make a mix

You wouldn’t believe how much music helps with working out. It distracts you from the pain and fatigue; it relaxes your muscles for better circulation and encourages coordination. You can put on any music you enjoy listening to, even a book on tape works!

Get a pedometer

Even on your free day you will be able to track just how active or inactive you were. Doctors recommend around 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy, so try walking whenever you get the chance. Walking is not only good for your fitness, but it also keeps your heart healthy and works wonders for your stamina.

Go shopping for gym wear

10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation
10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation

You wouldn’t believe how motivating new gym clothes can be. Nothing beats the feeling of looking and feeling amazing in your new wear. So if you’re starting to feel like you don’t want to go for your run every day, get a pair of new runners, or if you don’t feel like pumping iron, get yourself some new bodybuilding clothing and you will probably want to try it out.

Watch motivational videos

10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation
10 Easy Tips To Help You Get A Workout Motivation

Good motivational videos can give you just the boost you need. After watching people achieve amazing things, you will feel like there’s nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals. But, don’t try to use this technique too often. Motivational videos will not work if you rely on them too much, but they come in handy when you just need that little spark that will get you to push extra hard.

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One more thing, have patience. You have to realize nothing will happen overnight, but if you keep your motivation high, you will surely reach your goals. Have a good workout today!

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